May I Softly Walk by Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba is a Poetry Crush Digital Publication, with cover artwork by Noah Falck.

Other Poetry Crush Digital Publications include: I’m glad I know you by Joanna Penn Cooper & Todd Colby and nobody, not even the rain has such small paws by distinguished cat poet e. e. cattings.  And, coming this season:  reality TV poems by Leigh Stein,  an erasure of Moby Dick & artwork by Rena Mosterin,   a video chapbook from Sasha Fletcher,   artwork & poems by Sara Lefsyk,  childhood pieces from Hannah Gamble, poems derived from text messages from Christie Ann Reynolds’ mom & more.

More on Poetry Crush

Sometimes people are mean.  But not here.  Poetry Crush is a crush-confesssing site:  Word-flirtation & flattery.  ie – “Your eyes share something with wolves, I have a crush on you.”

Don’t miss Poetry Crush’s annual themed Issues: Music, Valentine & Halloween (10 Dead Poets I Would Fuck).

Poetry Crush is edited by J. Hope Stein.


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